Saturday, January 23, 2016

Kakuranger to be released by Shout Factory

As just announced by Shout Factory! Kakuranger is their third Super Sentai series to be licensed. This mean Kakuranger will soon has its officially released in English language, A good news for Super Sentai franchise and fans in region where they will able to buy the DVD. Remind you that Shout Factory already released Zyuranger and Dairanger.

As a support for this released, fan sub groups just removed their Kakuranger fan sub from their official website. Kakuranger was previously well known for its G.U.I.S. fansub, but I just check the group already removed their links. Just a little note for sentai fans around the world that hardly can have their hands on official DVD, this mean no more Kakuranger anymore.

The official twit from Shout factory:

Kakuranger is the 1994 edition of Super Sentai tv series in Japan. It is a based for Power Ranger Alien Ranger or the third season of PR.

Kakuranger in classic fan sub version

Kakuranger will offcially released by Shout Factory company

Shout Factory's super sentai releases:

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Friday, January 8, 2016

List of Metal Heroes Series Fan Sub

This list of Metal Heroes Series fan sub temporary only focused on the first three seasons, Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider. The trilogy is the most important series in the whole genre. Although the series didn't survive the thrive of time, there are many cult followers on this series. Rumored told, all three series had been subs by for Hong Kong DVD.

Gavan 1982-1983
Million Fold Curiosity fan sub: Up to Episode 14 (Dec 2015)
Midnight Crew : episode 1-5
Bunny Hat : episode 1-5
Gavan the Movie (2012) ; Over-Time
Gavan in Super Hero War / Taisen Z : Over-Time
Gokaiger vs Gavan : TVNihon

Sharivan 1983-1984
Midnight Crew : Episode 1-7
Space Sheriff Sharivan Next Generation : Over-Time

Shaider 1984-1985
Hi No Tori : Episode 1-4
Space Sheriff Shaider Next Generation : Over-Time

Juspion  1985
MegaBeast Empire : Episode 1-32 (december 2015)

Spielban 1986

Metalder  1987
Subbed by G.U.I.S , but the link seemingly disappeared from their website, you need to Google for third party hosting sites.

Jiraiya 1988

Jiban 1989

Winspector  1990

Solbrain  1991

Exceedraft  1992

Janperson 1993

Blue SWAT  1994

Juukou B-Fighter 1995

B-Fighter Kabuto  1996

B-Robo Kabutack : 1997

Robotack 1998

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