Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kyoryugers - First Episode Preview and Introduction

Say goodbye to Gobusters and welcome the 2013 super sentai Kyoryugers!


Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger  premiered on February 17th, 2013 and it's our first episode of 2013 super sentai Kyoryuger (or alternate spelling Kyouryuger). The theme will be Dinosaur, repeating the theme of Zyuranger and Abaranger previously. The first episode aired give us much clue on how the show nature going on. We present with a show that going back very much to classic super sentai tradition. The storyline looks classic with a gang of Villain , the Deboss Army from the Icy island rampaging the Earth then challenged by Kyoryuger team.

Here the quick preview on what we get in first episode of Kyoryuger.

The Villain - Deboss Army:

Many-faces High Priest (wikipedia translation) - the commander villain

Fun filled Spy Luckyuro (wikipedia) or
Spy of Smiles Lakkiero (Jefusion)

Joyful Knight Canderrilla (wikipedia) or
Soldier of Joy, Candelira (Jefusion)

Sorrowful Knight Aigallon (wikipedia) or
Soldier of Sorrow Aigaron (Jefusion)

The villain design and looks is fresh and fun. Something like a blend between Magiranger villain team and Megaranger.

the Kyoryuger:

Daigo Kiryu - the Red Kyoryuger is an energetic man with highly confidence. He like to be called with 'King', he came from the Isle of South Seas. Combining character of Gekiranger' Jan for its wild and Gaoranger's Kakeru charisma. Daigo come in as the last red ranger, similar to Dekaranger and Gekiranger, and his coming being mock by 2nd ranger, in this case the Black Kyoryuger. His storyline include a past memory with his father with his necklace, going to be an interesing background story.

Ian Yorkland - the Black Kyoryuger is the womanizer, cheerful and high profile guy. Combining character of Jetman's Gai Yuuki and Boukenger Natsuki. He is western background and defeated the Zyudenryu Parasagun near a lake in Europe. Cool character that going to be the bad-guy of the team.

Nobuhara Udo - the Blue Kyoryuger (Kyoryu Blue as in the series), is the comical character. Combining character of Goggle Five Futoshi (Goggle yellow) and Goonger Han Joo for his cheekiness. He is 32 year old and going to be big brother of the team similar to Magiranger Makito Ozu.

Souji Rippukan - Kyoryu Green , the youngest character , only 16 years old. Specialized in sword technique Kenjutsu. Maybe a serious character and I predicted with some ego and ambitious youngster. His character didn't get many revelation in Episode 1, but maybe a similar character to Shinkenger's Chiaki for his ambition and Dekaranger's Hoji for its seriousness.
Amy Yuuzuki - Pink Kyoryu, also didn't get much detail on episode 1 except the background story that she was in USA and she was not 'strong' but capable of kicking Ian's hotdog when she got offended. The wikipedia article noted her as coming from wealthy family but then gone no money and must force to work as part timer in restaurant. Character of Gokaiger's Princess Ahim come to mind. A background story of USA family similar to Shinkenger's Mako (family in Hawaii). Actress Ayuri Konno will play this charming pink.

The first mecha that giving detail and character is Gabutyra. Faitful Tyranosaurus with close resembling of Abaranger Aba-rex , Gaoranger, Go-onger red mecha character. His relationship with Daigo will provide good storyline in the future.

The costume of Kyoryuger already seen by fans from December 2012. The costume is a combining of Abaranger, Zyuranger and Gaoranger strip. Not very original in my opinion, but then an aggresive character drawn. Compared to Gobuster, this is a come back to our beloved super sentai classic team.
The transformation roll call is nice, red Kyoryuger come with attractive dance for his roll out, blue Kyoryuger will act as Gokaiger's Doc Gokai-green for his humorous roll call. This is the first super sentai show without yellow character for a long time. For a good quality wallpaper of Kyoryuger can found here on this blog.

The mentor is Paragon Supreme Torin (Jefusion translation) or Wise God Torin (wikipedia). Leadership similar to Gekiranger's Master Shafu. The costume mentor also repeated Dekaranger Doggie Kruger.
The Spirit Base is their homebase, nice place with stone age / Flinstones decoration. This is very similar to Gingaman homebase and also getting some elements from Gaoranger.

The overall show mood set to be fun and cheerful. After a year of dark and serious Gobuster, Kyoryuger going to be a contrast tv show. The show will be fansub by at least three groups, Jefusion and Over-Time already pulled out the translation in week 1, while TV-Nihon as usual will be delay at least a week after the show. The fansub link can be found in this blog at  HERE:

Looking forward for our 2013 super sentai Kyoryuger in episode 2.
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