Friday, March 9, 2012

Go-Busters Episode 1

Welcome now to the new series, Go-busters and we back on normal super sentai season without nostalgic elements ala Gokaiger.
Go-busters in first impression, the motive is a blend between Dekaranger and Shinkenger. Dekaranger for its police-like duty and supporting weapon base, and Shinkenger for its “born to be hero” , predestined heroes fate.
The ranger/heroes/busters are:
Hiromu Sakurada, red Buster, his strength is speed. Hiromu description on this first episode are elements of Banban late to come red ranger and Satoru’s responsible leader.
Ryuji Iwasaki, blue Buster, has a superstrenght. He is the typical Blue, a thinker, strategist, calm member of the team.
Yoko Usami, Yellow Buster, a mechanic in team, she got tired easily and need .. sweat (glucose) to regained energy. Close description of Yoko are in Sakura feminism but Luka-like tomboyish.
The Action are awesome. Base team ally design is present once again, they are completely out in Gokaiger. The organizational base team ally (Energy Administration Bureau ) looks very important support now, making the rangers on the field only looks like the “executors”.
This is the first episode and first time the ranger not get their role call, whoaaha, hope they not abolished the feature. The ranger weapon is now a canon (or Canon) with dslr like lens.
Villain commander name Enter is a normal human appearances , less fight against foot soldiers. The first time a ground monster and mecha monster fighting and finished simultaneously.
Light criticism on this first episode only that… the storyline is not the most original ever, especially compare to the high expectation after Gokaiger epic. Ranger suit design is once again didn’t give much the Super Sentai vibe and not the most recommended by me. Henshin moment now got the term “Morphing”, a reference to Power Ranger. It’s awesome but some die hard sentai fans may less thinking that way. The main villains term Messiah also a sic one by using preference to religion term over a children show.
But now please welcome, Go-Busters!
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